Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Conscious sedation is today’s preferred method for patients with lengthy dental procedures or a fear of the dentist. It not only minimizes the anxiety typically associated with a visit to the dentist, but combined with advanced methods in local anesthesia, patients also enjoy a more comfortable, relaxing, and safer experience. Conscious sedation also allows multiple procedures to be completed during one visit. The stress and inconvenience of returning multiple times for treatment can be eliminated. This especially appeals to people who are unable to make time in their busy schedules to have complex treatment done, which would normally take several appointments.

Dr. Madigan completed his sedation residency at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

IV SedationSurgical Suite
Our office is equipped with a surgical suite that is capable of IV conscious sedation, oral conscious sedation as well as routine local anesthesia procedures. The surgical facility meets all the standards of a full operating room, having separate suction and air conditioning for proper sterility for sophisticated procedures.

This separate surgical operatory enables our practice to treat numerous types of cases that, otherwise, could not be treated in a normal dental setting. Patients with significant medical complications, complicated or sophisticated dental problems, or patients with dental ‘phobias’ can be treated in our office.