Dental Insurance

More and more of our patients have dental insurance and many of the policies differ in benefits. In order to simplify the process of billing insurance, our policy is as follows….

First, we require that our patients take full responsibility for the payment of our dental services. We will fill out the insurance forms for you and send them in to your insurance company. Most insurance companies request special bone detection x-rays and additional information to process your dental claim. It will be our pleasure to provide them with the information needed. Should your insurance company not cover what is predicted, then you will be required to pay any uncovered portion.

We can assist you with your direct reimbursement by providing a detailed statement after each dental visit. The statement of services will include the standard ADA dental code printed next to the procedure which is needed for your insurance company to process the claim.

For additional information on dental insurance, please do not hesitate to call our office
at 865-670-7477.